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Today in the store I noticed a cake stand and decided to look at the labels of some of the cakes there. List of ingredients took up almost the entire side of the package. It means that instead of real cake you are eating just chemical components… In that case it is no surprise that sooner or later in life we end up with so many health issues. In order to offer to the consumer cake for that low price the big chain stores are offering, they have to use those ingredients.

In my case I only use whole products that you can actually pronounce – eggs, sugar, butter, real cocoa (best quality), chocolate, cream, real vanilla, flour etc.

Because I believe that people should have access to cakes free of chemicals.

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Olympic Stadium in Montreal

Olympic Stadium in Montreal

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

“Clear lake” in Armenia. You can see where the name comes from. It’s a tiny lake that reflects the beautiful nature around it. Very calm and peaceful.

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Weekly Photo Callenge: Purple

Here it is! My “most” purple photo. Taken in San Francisco. Image

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Sunset in Varadero

Sunset in Varadero

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California Dreaming

This is where I want to be right now…Manhattan Beach, California.

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Summer In October

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s Thanksgiving in Canada and we couldn’t have asked for a better weather. It’s been so sunny and warm all weekend from Friday. I wanted to post this Photo that I took at a tiny french cafe/bakery that we went for breakfast on Saturday. We were on the patio, already waiting for our bill when the wind blew the leaf to our table right next to the tea pot with a “Mighty Leaf Tea”! I only had my cameraphone with me, so this is what I got….

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